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Slouching in the captain's chair of Skuttlebutt, Bill took this rare, odd moment of solemn peace to recant some of the events of his life.

"Skuttlebutt," he spoke aloud, his sentient starship ever listening. "Hath I ever described to thee of that occasion, many moons ago..."

"I entertained the precious elf-child, Tauriel?" With nobody to play with, and in a brief moment without the world to save, the last son of Korbin and the adorable little Tauriel raced to the top of a tree. She may not have had other elves to play with, but she would forever have a friend in Bill.

"I acquired the Mark of the Charred Archon, with Blaze-37?" In his first meeting with the so-called Bionic Valkyrie, Bill (ever the gentleman) sought to escort her to safety from the wastelands of her version of Earth. In their ensuing journey, each readily at the other's back when battle erupted, a deep friendship was forged.

"I shared drinks with the she-wolf, Oni Girard?" Wandering through the Canadian wilderness, one apparently meets the kindest folk. At least as far as Bill is concerned. A kindness paid to Bill bears interest by the moment, and he had taken a great comfort in her hospitality in a foreign land. Their 'date' did devolve into a limbo contest...

"Thor and I dropped Asgard itself onto the 'God-Killer' Skrull, and then didst lift Asgard back upon its rightful place?"
Because sometimes you have to drop a realm of knowledge on someone.

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